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Trachimbrod & Sore Eyelids - Split LP

Trachimbrod & Sore Eyelids - Split LP

10 EUR
Artist: Trachimbrod + Sore Eyelids
Title: SPLIT
Format: 12" LP
Edition: 300 copies / white Vinyl with screenprinted B-Side
Catalogue Number: #TLE 020
Release Date: 2nd August 2013

The split record of a screamo/emo band Trachimbrod and a shoegazer/emo band Sore Eyelids featuring members of Suis La Lune, Mixtapes and Cellmates, New Decade, Years Passing from Stockholm, Sweden. Record includes each 2 brand new tracks that recorded in February/March 2013. 12" LP designed by Yosuke Fujimura/Tokyo Jupiter Records.


1. I am Jack’s Wasted Life
2. Erect, Eyes Closed

Sore Eyelids
3. Next To Nothing
4. Dissolve