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Terrible Love - False Flag Flexi

Terrible Love - False Flag Flexi

5.50 EUR

British hardcore bunch Terrible Love have had fire in their bellies since the very start. From the first second of debut track ‘Change Nothing’ - which premiered on DIY as a Neu Pick at the start of the year - they took no prisoners, but new track ‘False Flag’ finds a new path.

A more melodic tint on their aggression, it finds them channeling their discontent into untold waters. Lamenting the surroundings their generation find themselves in, it’s a call to arms like never before.

“We’re currently putting together ideas for what will become our next record, and this song came out of that process,” explains the band’s Jamie McDonald. ”It’s not so much intended as an overtly political song, but it is a reflection of the disillusion and anger we feel as citizens of the UK in 2016, having had time to process events such as the EU referendum and subsequent fallout. Being that we’re still feeling the sting of everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, it made sense to us to put the song out as soon as possible, so we did.”

This flexi disc was just released for their tour with THE FALL OF TROY and TINY MOVING PARTS. These are the left overs.