Through Love Records


Through Love Records is an independent Hamburg St. Pauli based diy record label.

Reach us here:

:Through Love Records supports a feminist and anti-fascist diy culture:

Terms & Conditions:

We are total vinyl and music nerds and we know what it means to order a record, to wait for an order to arrive and to bother labels/distros when something went bad. We really love to get orders from you and any support is highly appreciated!!!
There are some information for you to keep in mind when ordering:

//all orders from Germany have a shipping flatrate of 5€ and are tracked/insured

//all orders outside Germany having an individual rate - if you want your parcel to be sent registered you can choose now

//first payment then shipping

//all items are new/never played

//TLR is an two-men-show - we try to post your stuff asap - if it takes some time, don't get nervous -> email me

//shipping costs includes paypal fees, packaging and handling